She has got a big inner world and a strong faith in God. Her philosophy is do onto others as you want others to do onto you. She has practised it all her life. She believes that we, human beings, are not just flesh, but also souls that need feeding. This feeding comes from praying deeply from the heart to God. Faithfulness, truth, goodness, honesty, charity, generosity and dignity are more important than money and beauty to her. She falls in love with beautiful souls. In this materialistic world, she is one of those people going against all odds since that inner world is the only permanent thing, and therefore worthwhile fighting for. She is interested in everything. On the other hand, once she finds out there is monkey business, wherever she may be, she is no longer interested in it.  in her opinion Anything that is not true is not worth dealing with.  She has come a long way to be where she is right now, and to know who and what to focus on. She values maturity, refinement and humility. Maturity takes her to a place where there is a balanced harmony between dignity and serenity. It is that state where she lets herself go with the flow, not asking for much, except all we have just said before, which is like water on a hot day to her. She could not do without it. she is a persevering woman, with such an inner strength that pulls her through any time. If we add that her acute sensitivity comes from her heart, which is like a delight, once we know her throughly, it is then when we realize that she just wants to love and be loved, no matter where she is or who she is with. She has got a great sense of humour. She believes every cloud has got a silver lining. She tackles life as it comes, but always with a smile. She is faithful to her beliefs and to the people she loves.

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